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A Roofing Inspection: What You Need To Know

Roofing Inspection

Roofing Inspection Fast Facts In order to make sure you have the best quality roofing inspection possible, we recommend calling a professional roofing contractor as they can detect otherwise hidden damage, and have special training that ensures further damage to your roof doesn’t occur during inspection. How often should I get my roof inspected? To […]

Cedar Roofing Maintenace For Sun Damage

Cedar Roofing Maintenance for Sun Damage

Cedar Roofing Maintenance for Sun Damage – The Facts Cedar roofing maintenance for sun damage is key to the look of your home. A cedar roof can be incredibly beautiful, but it takes some maintenance to keep it in pristine and perfect shape. The proper treatment for your cedar roof can keep its elegant look […]

Help! I Have Cedar Roof Curling!

Cedar roof curling

What To Do About Cedar Roof Curling Cedar Roof Curling: A cedar roof can give your home a warm, natural look that can be incredibly pleasing to the eye and increase your curb appeal. Typically, if you have a cedar roof, you want it to look great for as long as possible for this reason […]

Key Facts About Cedar Roof Ventilation

Cedar roof ventilation

Critical Cedar Roof Ventilation Facts Cedar roof ventilation: Ventilating a cedar roof serves a variety of purposes for your home, and the importance of roof ventilation should not be underestimated. Like many small details, it’s very easy for the average homeowner to overlook this detail that is critical to roof health. Read our top  reasons […]

The Ultimate Guide To Cedar Roofing Maintenance

Cedar Roofing Maintenance

What Every Homeowner Should Know about Cedar Roofing Maintenance Cedar Roofing Maintenance: Out of all the various roofing materials available on the market, cedar shakes and shingles stand out for balancing functionality, durability and aesthetics. Careful selection and proper installation of the materials help ensure that your roof will remain appealing and efficient for a […]

Moss Growth On Your Cedar Roof? How To Handle It…

Moss Growth On Your Cedar Roof? How To Handle It.

Moss Growth On Your Cedar Roof Moss Growth: Cedar roofing is a popular investment for property owners. Cedar’s rustic look is an excellent way to mix your home with the surrounding colors of nature. Cedar roofing systems also provide excellent protection from the changing seasons and more severe weather patterns like storms and rain. Even […]

4 Key Cedar Roof Upkeep Tips

Cedar roof upkeep Chicago IL

 Cedar Roof Upkeep & Inspection Tips from A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. Cedar Roof Upkeep: Cedar shake roofings has an unrivaled look that is unique and striking. Cedar shake is environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, versatile and can easily enhance the heat and charm of your Chicagoland home in a way asphalt can’t. Despite being a stunning addition […]