Cedar Roofing Repair In The Chicagoland Area

Cedar roofing repair is an important aspect of owning a cedar roof, and is sadly often overlooked by many homeowners. To keep your home protected from the elements, you must ensure repairs are made when damage occurs.

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Cedar Roofing Damage

Has your cedar shake roof been damaged? If there are signs of splits in the wood, curling, moss growth, broken or missing shingles, your roof could probably use some expert help to prevent you from needing a total roof replacement. Don’t fret. Wear and tear, moss, and even damage from wind and storms can happen to any roof no matter what material it is made of. Luckily, cedar wood can be repaired with the help of experts like A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc.

The main kinds of damage a cedar roof is exposed to are environmental in nature. Storms, wind, and hail can loosen and even rip off shingles, or damage them with impact from larger hail stones or tree branches. Humidity and heat follow by drier weather can cause expansion and contraction of wood to the point it curls and starts to split. Moss and wood rot can take hold when humid conditions provide a good environment for fungus to live and grow.

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These types of damage require cedar roofing repairs to be made to keep the integrity of your roof in tact and even protect the structures that lay underneath the shingles and the decking form damage. While the temptation for most homeowners is to try and resolve these issues independently, home remedies without the expert opinion of a professional can often do more harm than good. The intent may be to save money on cedar roofing repair costs however, hasty home repairs usually end up costing more.

If you see roof damage or moss occurring on your cedar roof do not try to seal the areas with caulk or sealants, or attempt to pressure wash away fungus – you will damage your roof further and end up incurring more costs than what you would have paid for just the initial damage. In some cases you may even need to replace partial sections of your roof or possibly the cedar roof in its entirety.

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Cedar Roofing Repair Process

A damaged shingle requires time and effort to be replaced and should be done so by a professional. After calling A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. we will send one of our team members to your home to asses the damage. Leaks, loose shingles, and even rot can be deceptive to the untrained eye. Sometimes a leak inside is not always easy to track and find the source of on the outside, and sometimes rot has spread further than it appears to have at first glance.

After assessing the full extent of the damage to your roof, we will suggest a course of action along with a quote for your cedar roofing repair. Most time damage does not mean you will have to replace the entire roof, except in severe circumstances. So a cedar roofing repair job will take less time and money than the initial installation of the roof.

Whether it’s the cleaning of shingles to clear them of fungus, replacing loose shingles, we will advise the best course of action to keep your house in good repair and protect the investment you have made in your roof. If you purchased your cedar roof from us, some of your repairs may be covered under warranty, so be sure to ask us about it when calling.

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Why A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. roof repair services?

 A.B. Edward Enterprises has had an unblemished A+ rating with the BBB since 2003 and has provided quality home services to over 5000 Chicagoland customers. Since we also handle the installation of new cedar roofs, you can rest assured we understand and are skilled with performing a cedar roofing repair as well. No matter how large or daunting the damage to your roof seems to be, we have years of expertise and experience on our side to help you with your cedar roofing repair. Our roof repair services include:

  • Repair or replacement of damaged cedar shingles or shakes
  • Leak analysis and repair
  • Storm-damage assessments and associated repairs
  • Cedar wood rot repair and fungus treatment

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