Stain Application – Take Care Of Your Cedar Shakes

Any roof composed of natural cedar shakes or shingles requires regular maintenance to prevent the wood from starting to rot and swell. One of the most important treatments is the proper application of stain or other protective coating. As a cedar roofing contractor from Glenview, we offer comprehensive cedar shakes staining services throughout the Chicagoland area.

Cedar Roofing Staining Services – The Key To The Roof Longevity

Natural cedar shakes contain a resin that protects the wood from water and insects. Unfortunately, during years of use in a climate typical of towns near lakes, as is the case in Evanston, Kenilworth, Wilmette, Winnetka and Highland Park, moisture, falling rain and lying snow cause the roof to begin to deteriorate. If the homeowner chooses not to clean the cedar shakes of moss on a regular basis, this plant too will accelerate the whole process of decay. The only solution is to prevent this phenomenon by applying wood stain from a reputable manufacturer.

Why Hire A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. For Your Cedar Roof Staining In Chicagoland?

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Since our company’s inception in 2003, we have completed more than 36,000 exterior projects on behalf of nearly 11,000 clients throughout Chicagoland. We have extensive experience in installing, repairing and maintaining cedar roofs on both small and huge homes. We can guarantee that the quality of our work will be right for you, and that the cedar shakes we take care of will end up in good hands. Quality, punctuality and the highest standards of work are our hallmarks, making us recognized throughout the area where we provide our services.

The reviews we collect clearly prove that A.B. Edward is the best possible roofing contractor near you. Hundreds of people have commented positively about our company on Google Maps, Yelp, Houzz and other platforms. As we work on your roof, we will do our best to make sure that you also want to give us a positive online review and recommend us to your friends!

Top-notch Roofing Stains

For a properly executed cedar roof treatment, knowledge and top quality materials are essential. By using stains and sealers from reputable brands and applying them with professional tools, we are able to achieve an even, durable and weather-resistant protective layer that will give your cedar shakes a deep, true color that will last for many years.

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As a cedar roofing contractor, we care about the quality of the services we provide. For this reason, we use only the highest quality products from well-known companies such as Seal Once and Sta Brite. As a result, your roof, stained for both installation and repair, will last much longer than it would without an additional layer of protection. It’s a way to save many thousands of dollars that you would have had to spend on possible specialist visits and earlier replacement of damaged cedar shakes.

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Why Is It Worth Sealing Cedar Shakes?

cedar shake sealing services glenview winnetka highland parkCedar, like any other wood, undergoes a continuous aging process, which manifests itself in the gradual loss of its deep brown color. Over time, the shakes on your roof will turn gray and completely lose their luster. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, this phenomenon is also dangerous for your home, because in parallel, the first signs of rotting, rotting and mold outbreaks will begin to develop. An unprotected rooftop can last for many years and not cause any problems during that time, but you will greatly increase the chances of this when you order cedar shake sealing service. We can effectively protect the wood in one day, so you can avoid problems for a long time. Regular staining of cedar shakes, which should occur at least every 5 years, is the best way to protect the wood from aging and decay.