Cedar Roofing in The Chicagoland Area

Cedar roofing is a great investment for your home as its long lasting and increases the value of your house. But it’s important to find the right contractor to install and help maintain it.

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Cedar has always been one of the top roofing material choices due to its rustic beauty, natural preservatives in the wood, ability to insulate against the elements, and its durability in storms and bad weather. Cedar roofing has the ability to raise the value of your home as well as its curb appeal.

Cedar’s energy efficient insulating qualities make it desirable as well – keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer using the natural properties of wood helps save on energy costs year round, with the added bonus of cedar being a completely green and eco-friendly option for homeowners. A cedar roof is certainly an investment in your home and family, and we at A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. recognize the importance of quality when it comes to your cedar roofing needs.

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Cedar Roofing Installation & Replacement

When installing cedar roofing, it is important to use a contractor that is reliable and preferably has years of experience. A good cedar roofing contractor will provide detailed measurements, different options for materials, and an accurate quote that will be close to if not the exact cost of what roof installation will be. Some cedar roofing companies also offer warranties and it is important to ask about these prior to any work being done on your home. A.B. Edwards Enterprises Inc. is an experience roof installation company that has served over 5000 Chicagoland customers since 2003. We offer several choices when it comes to cedar roofing materials and installation, and our experts are friendly and ready to help you make the next step when installing a new cedar roof.

Cedar Roofing Repair

If your cedar roof has sustained damage it may be tempting to try and repair it yourself. But home repairs can sometime do more damage than good. It’s crucial that you contact an expert to assess and repair any damage sustained by your cedar roofing, as not all damage is obvious at first sight. There are many different types of damage that can occur to a cedar roof – most of them are environmental  – and depending on the extent of the damage you may need to have the wood treated for rot or have a few shingles replaced. Whether we installed your roof or not, A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. is committed to helping your roof be restored to its original state as much as possible. We are happy to help repair leaks, wood rot, or replace severely damaged shingles in order to keep your home properly protected from the elements and to extend the life of your cedar roof.

Cedar Roofing Maintenance

The health and longevity of any roof is contingent upon the quality of its maintenance. While some of this can be done by the homeowner – such as keeping the gutter and downspouts clean – other aspects like washing off dirt should be done by a professional company familiar with cedar roofing and its unique needs. Maintaining your roof can add extra years to its life, and as the average cedar roof can last between 20-40 years depending on maintenance, an ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure. A.B. Edward Enterprises knows that cedar roofing is a major financial investment to protect your home from the elements while ensuring your house looks beautiful at the same time, and we are pleased to offer services to keep your roof at its absolute best.

Free Hail Damage Inspection

At A.B Edward Enterprises, Inc., we value your investment and its protection. In line with this, we provide complimentary hail damage inspections, ensuring that your roof is in optimal condition. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to offering quality inspection services, giving you the assurance of a well-maintained and sturdy roof.