4 Key Cedar Roof Upkeep Tips

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 Cedar Roof Upkeep & Inspection Tips from A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc.

Cedar Roof Upkeep: Cedar shake roofings has an unrivaled look that is unique and striking. Cedar shake is environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, versatile and can easily enhance the heat and charm of your Chicagoland home in a way asphalt can’t. Despite being a stunning addition to numerous structures, home and business owners need to be aware that cedar roofing requires a little more maintenance than average composite shingles. Yearly cedar roof upkeep and assessment is crucial if you intend for your cedar roof to stand the test of time.
Cedar roof upkeep is crucial for performance
Cedar roof upkeep is crucial for performance

4 Cedar Roof Upkeep Tips

As the climate condition and temperatures change from season to season, wood shake roof will naturally expand and contract. This is a regular process that can result in tiles cracking if not properly cared for. Those cracks, if left neglected, can cause severe roofing leakages, structural damage, and expensive repairs. For that reason, routine maintenance is important.
Cedar roof upkeep will postpone roof replacements
Cedar roof upkeep will postpone roof replacements
Here are 5 cedar shake roofing maintenance ideas from your local Chicagoland roofing specialists:
  1. Look for damage consistently:  With cedar wood shake roofing, we recommend semi-annual roofing examinations or inspections. During this evaluation your roofing contractor will be looking for broken or curled shakes, flashing that has rusted or come loose, and splits that commonly occur near chimneys and joints. Get any problems noted and get your cedar roof repaired for the best outcome for your cedar roof.
  2. Search for mold: Ensure there’s no lichen, moss or mold growth. Moss can trap wetness in your cedar roofing panels, so it’s crucial to make sure  it does not grow. If left untreated, the moisture from mold can seep into your house and cause leaks or structural damage. Make sure mold stays out of your gutters too by cleaning them regularly – mold in gutters can easily spread to your roof!
  3. Keep the cedar clean: To add strength and extend the life of your cedar roof’s look invest in power-washing and the application of chemical cleansing options, preservatives, and pigmented finishes or stains. If you decide to go with a stain be sure to choose one that will both protect the woods natural color and endure the weather of all four seasons here in Chicago!  There’s a vast array of roofing system preservatives for wood shake tiles available on the market today, all which are either water-based or oil-based.
  4. Invest in the rest of your home: Make sure your house is properly insulated and ventilated to keep moisture and debris from affecting your home. While this doesn’t have much to do with the cedar shake directly, it is one of the most important components in extending the life of your cedar roofing system. Without correct ventilation, heat and wetness can build up in the attic, resulting in roof rot and degrading insulation. Also, an appropriately insulated attic will keep your energy bills down and your homes exterior functioning at its peak performance.
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After installation your cedar roof will need care
After installation your cedar roof will need care

Let Us Install Your Cedar Roof!

We use only the best in cedar shake roofing materials so you can rest assure what we install will last a long time as well as be efficient. Our two main companies are Waldun Cedar and North Shore Prime Cedar, both guaranteed high quality cedar that is rated and designed to cover your home. After you get a cedar roofing installation, or even if you already have one installed we can help you devise and plan your maintenance to keep your roof at its best. We can also help you with your roof even if you don’t have cedar! We offer a full range of roofing services for asphalt, slate, synthetic, and more! If you’re uncertain about the best ways to make your decision, contact A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. for more information & a totally FREE price quote. Call 847-827-1605 today to discuss your roofing needs with one of our skilled professional!

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