How To Remove Moss From Cedar Roofing Shingles

How To Remove Moss From Cedar Roofing Shingles

In autumn, the leaves begin to drop from the trees, a layer of green moss at the rooftops harms the beauty of your home. In Chicago, the mildew and moss grow on your cedar roof in both spring and autumn though because in these seasons the roofing becomes prone to the lower PH, low humidity and low moisture.

Moss on Cedar Shake has the ability to tolerate extremes in temperature and moisture levels.

Damages Caused in Cedar Roofing

Signs like splits in the wood, moss growth, missing shingles, broken, or curling are the symptoms of damage occurring to your cedar roof. As soon you could notice these symptoms kindly take expert help to prevent your roof from damaging.

These signs are common to all kinds of roofing, no matter what material. With the help of our experts or workers, you can easily repair your cedar roofing. Cedar roofing commonly suffer from damages caused naturally in the environment. 

Why Moss Grows in Cedar Roofing:

Shade, enough moisture, a particular type of soil, humidity are few different things moss needs to grow. Trees around your home will help your roof to give shade. Moss grows in acidic soil itself, which already has a low pH value and which is actually moss prefers. 

Always keep in mind that you should never avoid moss beings to grow on your roof. Always be ready to remove moss rather avoiding any costly repairs. 

Effects Caused by Moss:

Moss looks harmless but it’s totally the opposite. Ignoring moss will surely affect the safety and health of your roof. Damage in structural integrity can be caused if you leave it for long. 

Moss is really a very serious problem, and could be an expensive one for you

How Cedar Roofs Are Energy Efficient

Cedar Roofing Maintenance:

Through all types of weather conditions, the longevity of cedar shingles, and shakes are proved. When they are regularly maintained, the oil present inside them makes them naturally decay-resistant. 

To ensure the integrity of the entire home, the cedar roof maintenance should be done regularly and professionally.

Normally, you should do go once a year for the maintenance of your roofs but in case of any climatic conditions you should go for maintenance then only because for the safety of your family members. Any late in a serious condition may spoil your roof easily. 

Moss Removal

The most common issue that happens with cedar shake roofing is the growth of moss. Moss is a kind of flowerless plant of green color which grows in different kinds of environment.

Many numbers of issues can cause by this moss although it looks harmless. Just for this reason, you need to know how to remove moss from cedar shake roofing. 

How to Remove Moss?

Try to call a professional instead of doing it yourself whenever find the growth of moss on your roof. Professionals not only remove the moss but they also inspect your roof and will make sure that there will be no growth of moss anymore.

Do not use a pressure washer to clean the moss by yourself. If you are doing so then your roof might attain damaged shingles which in the future you have to replace depending upon the situation it is. 

Other Methods to Remove Moss

Fortunately, there are some methods that you can try to remove the seasonal moss but the result will be temporary. Here is how you can remove moss from a roof.

Hose off and brush all moss loose from your roof shingles.

You can easily use a hose to scrap off the moss from the surface of the roof. After removing the moss, with the use of bleach gently kill all the moss.

First you need to hose off the affected area with the plain water. Then, apply a long handled scrub brush to remove the moss from the roof. Don’t scrape, rub it gently from the top down on the roof to avoid cracking, ripping the shingles.

Apply a DIY cleaning solution to remove the moss.

You can also remove the moss by yourself by using the commercial cleaning solutions available in the market. But the use of commercial sprays and homemade cleansers on the roof to remove moss may cause damage to sensitive plans or can discolor pathways, sidings or decks.

Prevent future moss growth by installing zinc or copper on the roof.

You can also install strips of zinc- or copper-coated sheet metal to stop growth of moss on your roof shingles. Attaching the strips of copper and zinc metals to the roof using screw or roofing nails with a rubber washer can temporarily prevent structural damage of your roof.

Repairing Process of a Cedar Roofing:

For homeowners who have already owned cedar roofing in the area of Chicagoland, our company is proud to offer services of various types for them.

We are very lucky to honor ourselves as the top best cedar roofing company in Chicagoland. We only use our highest wood services to serve you best when it comes to cedar shakes and shingles.

A cedar replacement should be done with time and effort and also by a professional. When you will call us we will send one of our team members to have look at places of damages occur.

Rot, loose shingles, and leaks cannot be easily identified by the eyes. Many times leaks caused inside become tough to find and sometimes rot has spread further but could not be get identified easily.   

When our member will report us what has actually lacked in your roofing, we will also provide you a quote for repairing of cedar roofing along with a course.

Expect in some serious circumstances every time you need not repair your whole roof. Likely the initial installation of the roof, repairing of cedar roofing takes less time and money.

Many of the services will get easily covered in the warranty if you will buy any cedar roof from us. So be sure to ask us about it when calling.  

Our repairing services include:

  • Leak analysis and repair
  • Cedar wood rot repair and fungus treatment.
  • Repair or replacement of damaged cedar shakes or shingles.
  • Storm-damage assessments and associated repairs. 

CONTACT US: From installations to routine maintenance everything we provide by leaving you fully satisfied with our work. We will never let your trust and confidence down.

We always provide our best and leave our customers fully satisfied. If somewhere in any case you are not satisfied with our work or decision or you are confused in your own decisions then don’t hesitate to ring up us so that we will connect you with our top-rated experts which will surely help you out in any case.

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