Cedar Shingles: Are They Worth It?


Are Cedar Shingles Worth The Cost?

Prior to replacing your cedar roof you need to consider the cost of cedar shingles. Are cedar shingles worth their high cost? Are they a good fit for your home? Would shake be better or another material?

Read more on shingle vs shake and learn about the value of installing a cedar shingle roof on your home! View a great cedar roofing company in the Chicagoland area.

Shake Vs. Shingle

Many people think cedar shake and cedar shingles are the same – but this is not the case!  Cedar shingles are cut by a saw and have a more smooth and finished appearance. When it comes to cedar shake, they are a thicker piece of cedar and are normally rougher and in many cases hand sawn.

People who want a more rustic and natural look typically decide to use cedar shake as the thicker wood an rough look adds character to their roofs and homes. Homeowners who are interested in a more modern and sleek look typically choose cedar shingles so they have a more polished appearance.

There are subtle difference between cedar shingles and cedar shake
There are subtle difference between cedar shingles and cedar shake

The Costs

The cost of both cedar shake and shingles differs depending on several factors. The end cost of using cedar as siding is much higher in many cases than using it only for a roof – so bear that in mind. 

Cedar shingles, because they require more work to finish and look more polished generally cost more. Cedar shake, while cheaper than shingle, will still have different levels of cost. This is because different qualities of wood are worth different prices.

A Great Investment

Despite being worth more, cedar shingles are a great investment in your home. With a high quality and great looking material, on your roof, your curb appeal with increase.

Cedar is highly valued by home value appraisers and future buyers as it is durable, looks great, and lasts longer normal shingles. Despite being thinner than cedar shake, shingles offer a high level of protection from rain, impact damage, and snow and ice.

There are subtle difference between cedar shingles and cedar shake
There are subtle difference between cedar shingles and cedar shake

it’s important to protect your investment when installing a cedar roof. They need to be installed by an experienced professional who knows how to work with this specialty material. It is easy to not space cedar shingles properly, or not ventilate it correctly.

Hiring a certified roofing contractor who is accustomed to working with cedar is your only way to guarantee a properly installed and maintained roof. Remember, as cedar shingles are more expensive, you will want to protect your investment! Don’t waste your money by failing to properly install your roof!

In addition to ensuring correct installation, it’s also important to maintain your roof as well. Cedar helps your home be worth more money, so make sure you take good care of it.

Hire a cedar roofing contractor to maintain your roof annually and check for seasonal issues. The better care you take when it comes to your roof, the longer it lasts.

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