A Roofing Inspection: What You Need To Know

Roofing Inspection

Roofing Inspection Fast Facts

In order to make sure you have the best quality roofing inspection possible, we recommend calling a professional roofing contractor as they can detect otherwise hidden damage, and have special training that ensures further damage to your roof doesn’t occur during inspection.
Get a roofing inspection to keep your roof healthy
Get a roofing inspection to keep your roof healthy

How often should I get my roof inspected?

To maintain your roof for as long a time as possible and to avoid a roof replacement sooner than it would otherwise have needed it’s a good idea to regularly inspect your roof and have a professional roofing contractor come take a look if you find even a minor issue. Typically, an inspection is recommended one year after cedar roofing installation – unless there is obvious damage or a clear problem or leak. During that initial inspection, your roofing contractor will tell you how often they think you should get your roof looked at. This can be anywhere from every 6 months to every 3 years depending on the age of your roof, where you live and the current condition of your roof. Make sure your cedar roof is properly maintained >> Cedar Roofing Maintenance

When should I inspect my roof?

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association you should be inspecting your roof at least twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring season. If you’ve experienced a particularly punishing winter with hailstorms and snowstorms you could get an extra inspection done by a professional. It is also advisable to get a roof inspection done after any weather event with the potential to damage your roof such as a hailstorm, tornado or hurricane to make sure there are no signs of impact damage or loose shingles, and it there are signs of damage – to get cedar roofing repair.
A roofing inspection can extend the life of your cedar roof.
A roofing inspection can extend the life of your cedar roof.

Why should I be inspecting my roof?

Your roof is protecting the rest of your house and taking a constant battering from the elements. It is important to identify any areas that need roof repairs immediately before the problem escalates into something bigger which will cost more to fix. Regular inspection and maintenance will also extend the life of your roof so you don’t need to get a roof replacement as often. To prevent roofs leaks and protect your home from structural damage it’s crucial to get your roofing inspection scheduled regularly. More just for you >> Cedar Roofing Maintenance for Sun Damage

What should I look for when inspecting my roof?

It’s always better to call a professional for inspection work but if you don’t have the budget for a regular inspection by a professional you could always inspect the roof yourself. Don’t actually climb up onto the roof as that can be dangerous especially if there’s any sort of damage. In the case of cedar – if you are not a trained professional then you can cause severe damage walking on the wood due to how the shingles are installed and how they age. Just get a ladder and move it around from place to place and stand on it to look at the roof. Look for shingles that are cracked, missing, curling or buckling, metal flashing that may be cracked or rusting, missing chimney caps, cracked or crumbling gutters, chimney mortar that has started to crumble, moss or fungus (usually black or green splotches) tree branches or any other large debris. If you find any of these issues then call a professional roofing contractor immediately so they can take a look and get the roof repair work started. While it may sound tempting to do the repairs yourself keep in mind that maneuvering around on a roof with equipment in hand is a risky business that could very well lead to a fall and it’s best left to the professionals who are trained as to how to get around on a roof with tools in hand. Also, trying to repair your cedar roof yourself could damage it further as there is particularly spacing between shingles, special ways to remove and replace shingles, and unique solvents used on moss.
A roofing inspection can extend the life of your cedar roof.
A roofing inspection can extend the life of your cedar roof.

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