Cedar Roofing Installation In The Chicagoland Area

Are you considering a cedar roofing installation this year? Cedar wood has always been a popular choice when it comes to roofing materials. Cedar roofs are known for their durability, rustic appearance, and energy efficient properties, and can easily increase your homes value and curb appeal. Natural cedar shakes are even an ideal choice for people who care about elegance and aesthetics, for whom asphalt shingles and other roofing materials are not unique enough.

We serve the entire Chicagoland area with 5 star high-quality cedar roofing services!

Why Hire A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. for your Cedar Roofing Installation or Replacement?

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We know that a roof is an investment for your home and your family, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service with the best quality materials possible. Our team has years of experience installing and maintaining cedar roofs, meaning you get not only excellent service and expert installation, but advice for the care and keeping of your cedar roof. As a certified cedar roofing installer, we are the best candidate to perform your home exterior maintenance. We have access to the best materials and tools available, and A.B. Edward is a recognized roofing brand in Glenview, Winnetka, Wheeling, Highland Park and surrounding areas.

Our team believes in working with your schedule and getting the job done quickly and correctly. With an unblemished BBB A+ rating since 2003, and over 5000 customers served in the Chicagoland area, you can be certain you are in good hands.  A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. delivers expert service when providing a cedar roofing installation.

Custom Solutions

After contacting us for an estimate, we will send one of our team members to take detailed measurements of your roof and make general notes and recommendations for your home. After we look at your roofs size and condition we will provide you with an accurate quote as well as ideas regarding which cedar products will be the best fit for you. Whether it’s shingle or shake, handsplit or tapersawn, we will help you pick which product will provide the best look, protection, and cost for your house. When installing your roof, we are careful to follow local building codes, as well as our own strict guidelines for completing a cedar roof installation.

We pay attention to proper ventilation, wood spacing, proper decking, and shake and shingle placement. To ensure your roof drains properly and has a prolonged life we also provide gutter installation and repair to help protect your investment which can extend the life of your new cedar roofing installation. Gutters and downspouts are crucial to the health of a roof and often overlooked when roofing projects are being completed, but our team will check to make sure yours are in good condition and repair to guarantee your newest investment stays protected and in the best shape for as long as possible.

Each of the cedar shake or cedar shingle roofs we design is distinguished by precision craftsmanship, customization and excellent aesthetics. By using high-quality wood, specialized preservatives and the best underlayment, you can be sure that your roof will function flawlessly for many years to come.

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Quality Materials

We believe in offering only the best products with high value and quality for our customers. At A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. we carry both cedar shake and shingles for cedar roof installation projects. Our team of experts will help you decide which is the best option for your particular roof.

North Shore Prime Resawn Roofing Shakes provides hand-split and taper sawn cedar shake which are ideal for a rustic looking roof. The thickness of the shake from this supplier is in the medium to thick range, but can be cut to custom specifications if needed. Materials from North Shore Prime are custom cut and sent directly from the mill, ensuring a high standard of quality, and options for fire retardant or fungus preventative treatments are available to keep your roof looking its best from the moment its installed.

Our other supplier for a cedar roofing installation is Waldun. Waldun offers both cedar shake and shingle options in multiple lengths of grade 1 wood, meaning it is the highest quality of wood with the lowest number of knots and defects. While other manufacturers allow for a certain percentage of defects to be present in the wood, we only use suppliers who promise products with only the best standards of production. Each pack of shingles and shake is hand counted and packed by Waldun before being sent to the cedar roofing installation site to ensure quality, correct orders, and a proper percentage of flat grain and edge grain shingles.

20 Year Transferable Warranty

At A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc., we don’t take chances when it comes to customer satisfaction, and we stand behind our work and our products.  In addition to a standard warranty from the manufacturer, we provide a Transferable Warranty on all our cedar roofing installations. Our Transferable Warranty provides leak repair coverage for ten years, ensuring your home is safe and dry. Our Transferable Warranty coverage can also be extended to a maximum of 20 years with regular maintenance, if you are interested in this option be sure to ask your contractor or contact us to find out which maintenance steps need to be taken to extend the warranty.

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