Cedar Shake Roof: Advantages and Disadvantages

Cedar Shake Roofing Company

Cedar Shake Roof: Advantages and Disadvantages


A Cedar Shake Roof is a recyclable, eco-friendly and renewable resource. Efforts are made to harvest and establish Cedar in an eco-friendly sustainable way.

This isn’t true with products that utilize petroleum. Forests are being managed increasingly more effectively. Implying that trees that are being utilized from forests are actively being replanted. Remember wood is one of the earth’s very few sustainable building products.

Cedar may be wood however it can still be fire resistant. A fire resistant chemical is utilized by lots of manufacturers; this makes them safer than other wood shingles.

Cedar Shakes would provide a property owner who is looking for a beautiful, distinct roof the ideal choice. This style of roofing has lots of advantages even if it is the aesthetic appeal of cedar shakes that originally draws the majority of people to it.

Amongst these qualities these roofings systems are durable, have a high insulation worth, are eco-friendly, and are resistant to wind, fire, and impact. Cedar roofing ice dams are also present in the Chicagoland area.

Of course to guarantee you are getting these advantages at the highest level you will wish to have your roof set up by a qualified roofing business. A cedar shake roofing system is an extra cost investment but, it is definitely worth it for the many benefits that you will see in the upcoming years.

Cedar shakes stand up extremely well against hail. So many national studies have been done reveal the statistical data. Composite shingles might be damaged to the point of needing replacement in a hail storm, where as cedar shakes may have only a slight percentages of being damaged in the storm.

Accomplishing the Aesthetics of a Cedar Shake Roof

A Cedar Shake Roof can collaborate well with numerous different styles of houses.

Your roof local cedar roofing installation company can provide you images and examples of your architectural design home with a cedar shake roofing, this will give you a concept of your finished appearance.

Cedar shake can be stained a variety of different colors, by doing this you can produce the tone that you feel best chooses your wanted aesthetic.

Cedar shakes will weather to a silver grey look if they are left to age in the components. As we all know, the harsh Chicagoland weather year after year takes a toll on roofs.

This is a favorable if you ever need to replace damaged or broken shakes. Because there is less of a need to match a batch/factory color with your replacements they will weather to the exact same tone.

A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. is a Chicagoland area roofing company who concentrates on all exteriors: roofing, siding, windows, gutters, masonry and decks. We are referred to as one of the best cedar shake roofing companies in the area.

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Combating Wind, Fire, and Hail:

A cedar shake roof company that properly installs your new roof will make sure it holds up to the weather elements of your area.

Wind and hail storms cause minimal loss of shakes due to their durability. Shakes will have hardly any shrinking and splitting over their life time and must stay flat.

Cedar Shake Roof Installation
Cedar Shake Roof Installation


Among the natural benefits of cedar is its ability to resist bugs as well as UV damage. It is able to hold up against storm damage from wind to hail.

A huge concern in the cold north is damage caused by freezing and thawing.

Considering that cedar is a natural item it does not have layers to separate and delaminate under these conditions. This makes it an ideal product for cold weather and won’t need as much cedar roofing repair.

6 Benefits Of Having Cedar Shake Roof
6 Benefits Of Having Cedar Shake Roof


Cedar shake roofing is unlike other roofing product. They naturally insulate your home which is a huge advantage over other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles etc.

What does this high insulation worth provide for you? It will reduce the quantity of energy you have to heat and cool your house throughout the year saving you cash.

What exactly is a Cedar Shake Roof?:

A shake, which is various formed in a different way than a shingle, is made by reducing and splitting cedar. Cedar is a soft wood, it is discovered in many places around the world.

Cedar Shake Roof is offered in numerous different types that each have somewhat various designs. Amongst these designs hand-split, resawn, and tapersawn.

“Skin deep” does not explain the appeal of this roof! Our company can educate you more about having this type of cedar shake roof system properly installed on your home.

Properly installed,be enjoying the favorable advantages of the resilience, sustainability, and insulating benefits of cedar shakes for many years to come.

Cedar Shake Roofing
Cedar Shake Roofing

We serve the entire Chicagoland area with 5 star high-quality cedar roofing services!

The Disadvantages Of Cedar Shake Roof:

Cost and maintenance are the only cons to western red cedar shingles and shakes. Compared to other roof products, such as the popular asphalt shingles, cedar roof shingles are more expensive and cost more to set up.

However when you think about that your house is perhaps the largest investment of your life time, it makes good sense to top it with a high quality, long-lasting roofing material. Top quality roofing, like cedar wood, includes a higher cost. Nevertheless, with time, the longevity of cedar wood roofing offers a greater return on investment.

You can likewise arrange for regular assessments and maintenance with A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. Our cedar roofing maintenance programs offer you comfort that your cedar roofing  is being looked after correctly. Plus, leaving the upkeep to us provides you one less house task to do!

When it concerns roof upkeep, almost all roofing types require some kind of care to ensure their performance. Cedar roofing systems require regular yearly (Typically in October in the Chicagoland area) upkeep to prevent moss, mold and mildew growth. Nevertheless, there are cedar treatment preservatives that can be included during the crafting process to avoid fungal development and maintain the wood.

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