Top 6 Cedar Roofing Mistakes

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Find Out What The Top 6 Cedar Roofing Mistakes Are –

Cedar Roofing Mistakes: A cedar roof can be a durable and long-lasting investment, but even so proper installation and maintenance is required. Incorrectly installing a cedar roof, or not properly maintaining the shingles can cause damage to the roof and even require a roof replacement years before it should be needed.

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Cedar roofs need proper maintenance
Cedar roofs need proper maintenance

1. No Starter Shingles

There is a science to roofing and getting shingles to angle and sit certain ways to keep water damage from occurring. However, many homeowners prefer to try and install shingles by themselves. So while we recommend you leave this task to the experts, if you insist on laying your own shingle make you lay a start section of shingles along the eaves to prevent water from getting trapped between the roof surface and the decking. But truly, we recommend contacting a cedar roof installation expert to help with your new roof.

2. Not Planning For Ice Dams

In Chicagoland we are no strangers to ice and snow – meaning ice dams need to be preventing from forming on roofs. If in doubt ask your contractor about planning for ice as if left unchecked it could melt, get trapped under the shingles, and ultimately cause hundreds of dollars of damage. Damage from ice dams can be prevented by putting down an underlayer on the roof to protect it from melting ice.

3. Improper Shingle Installation

Installing shingles is not as easy as it looks, there are particular kinds of fasteners that must be used, and certain ways to use them. If you aren’t experienced with installing roofs, you can leave nails exposed or over driven which will not keep your roof watertight. Attaching shingles to your roof is a job best left to the professionals not matter how easy it may seem.
Cedar shake installation must be done correctly
Cedar shake installation must be done correctly

4. Reattaching Damaged Shingles

Cedar shingles can be broken or damaged by storms or accident. if the shingles look relatively whole, it may be tempting to try and reinstall them yourself. But only a cedar roof repair expert can tell the extent of the damage to a shingle, and many times if a shingle has come off, it should not be replaced as it has lost its integrity and ability to keep your roof dry. Recommended for you >>: Top Qualities Of A Good Cedar Shake Repair Company

5. Using Sealants to Patch the Roof

Usually, when roofs develop a small leak, many homeowners will try to seal them with roofing caulk, roofing tar or other sealants. While these may seem suitable for small leaks, it’s often hard to determine how big a leak actually is, and these materials should never be used for a large leak or on cedar as they will not stick and adhere to wood. Trying to patch your own roof with sealants will only result in having to call in an expert for a more expensive repair job.
Quality cedar shake repair companies will work to protect your roof and home - We strive to avoid any/all cedar roofing mistakes
Quality cedar shake repair companies will work to protect your roof and home – We strive to avoid any/all cedar roofing mistakes

6. Inadequate Cedar Maintenance

Cedar roof maintenance is a large part of owning a cedar roof. Neglecting to check for mold and rot, as well as not cleaning debris from your roof annually can cause premature wear and tear on your roof and if mold or rot spreads it can destroy your entire roof. Attics should be ventilated to keep heat from warping wood in the summer and ice from building up and trapping water on the roof in the winter. Not taking the steps to protect your roof, walking on it, or pressure washing it can guarantee big problems for your house later down the line. Have you done any of these steps and want an expert to check on the condition of your roof? Or do you need help with your roof in general? We offer a variety of roofing services on many roofing materials. Contact us today at (847) 827-1605 to speak to one of our cedar roofing experts or simply fill out our FREE Estimate form.