How to Choose Cedar Shingles and Cedar Shakes

Cedar Shake Roofing Shingles

Choosing Cedar Shingles and Cedar Shakes

Cedar is a form of coniferous tree. Cedar wood is generally useful for shakes and shingles due to its quality. Cedar is incredibly long lasting and decay-resistant. They’re also fragrant. The fragrance of cedar can be utilized being a repellent to moths. As a result furthermore, it ideal to utilize for cabinets as well as other storage furnishings. If you are going to acquire cedar to your shakes and shingles, you might want to think about a number of factors.

Follow this advice concerning ways to purchase cedar shingles and cedar shakes:

Fire Resistance.

If you’re planning to produce homes roofing system shingles and shakes far from cedar, you have to focus on its capability fire. Naturally, cedar wood is not fire evidence. In case you are fretted about this, you must acquire cedar wood that has actually been pressure dealt with. Pressure dealt with cedar wood is done with chemicals which are fire resistant in order to pass for fire resistance. You need to take this into consideration, especially if you reside in a location where fires are constantly happening.

Flat vs. Steep.

If you live in an area where you experience great deals of snow and rain, you might prefer to have your cedar shakes and shingles be high. Having a high roof is a lot more beneficial in order that rain and snow is not going to collect on top. They will simply move off. This may prevent the snow from damaging the wood. When you have a set roofing system or perhaps a roofing system isn’t really high enough, water and snow on top could cause leakages.


The rate for cedar shakes and shingles can vary between $50 to $350 per sq. ft. The expense will depend on the hearth resistance rating with the wood and also the style. You will pay an increased price for fire resistant cedar wood, but it is an excellent investment. This might guarantee you that you will be safe if you discover fire.

Type of Cedar.

The most typical type of cedar wood that is utilized for shakes and shingles might be the red cedar. Red cedar isn’t really just durable, it may also endure a particular temperature level and climates. This is why red cedar will be the apparent option for both commercial and domestic roofing systems. Another quality that makes red cedar an excellent option might be the color of the wood. In addition, you will have the ability to use different kinds of finishes on red cedar so it’s an easy job to alter the appearance from the wood. This is everything that you need to consider if you are purchasing cedar shingles and cedar shakes. When buying materials for the home, you need to not be stressed over the costs if you’re getting the money’s worth. Buy materials which will keep your family safe and at the same time provide your house an enjoyable appeal. In addition it readies to discover the different benefits and disadvantages of each and every material to enable you to weigh your choices and choose the best one for the house. You can learn more about cedar shingles at our official cedar roofing blog. FREE ESTIMATES on any new roof replacement. A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. 414 Mercantile Ct. Wheeling, IL 60090 Phone: (847) 827-1605 Fax: (847) 827-1812 Web: Web:

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