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Cedar Shake Roofing: Since 2003 A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. has been serving the Greater Chicagoland area – including Northfield IL with its top quality cedar roofing services.

As a local company, we are no strangers to the quality Northfield IL is known for through its excellent school systems and rich history.

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Cedar shake looks great when paired with copper!
Cedar shake looks great when paired with copper!

A Quick Look At Cedar

Cedar has been used as one of the top roofing materials in America for decades. It is known for its easily apparent beauty – with a variety of warm shades ranging from reds to golds. Cedar shake has an un-mistakeable look when combined with copper gutters and accents as well. This unique look has been known to increase the curb appeal of houses, this increasing the value of your home.

Not only does cedar shake look great, but it lasts a long time too! The natural properties of cedar wood give it a higher rating against strong winds and hail damage than a regular asphalt shingle roof. A longer life means fewer total roof replacements for your home overall – which can save you some serious money. Cedar wood has been proven to deter insects from burrowing in your roof as well due to the natural oils it secretes. Installing a new cedar shake roof ensures you piece of mind for years to come with a sturdy roof that will stand up better to damage as well as last longer.

If you’re looking to sell your home soon, cedar is also a great choice as it’s look will attract buyers, and its durability will draw a higher price from roofing inspectors and home appraisers. You will also save money on your energy bills as cedar has natural insulation properties that keeps the elements out more effectively.

Cedar roofing requires maintenance to be at its best
Cedar roofing requires maintenance to be at its best

Cedar Shake Upkeep

Cedar shake requires some extra care if it is expected to outlive other roofs. If you have a cedar roof you should regularly check for damage and wear in the form of fungal growth, missing shingles, or cracked shingles. Repairing and resolving these issues are key to extending the life of your cedar shake roof and getting your money’s worth from it.

Even if we did not install your cedar roof we are happy to inspect and repair it. If you see any signs of damage or your roof has not been inspected in awhile contact us so we can form a maintenance plan tailored to your roof.

Let your home make a statement with cedar shake roofing
Let your home make a statement with cedar shake roofing

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