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A.B. Edward Enterprises is proud to include Lake Bluff IL in its service area. Lake Bluff has had an enduring reputation for a high, and consistently ranks highly as a top suburb and among the happiest places to live. We have over a decade of proven cedar roofing experience, with over 5000 happy customers in the Greater Chicagoland area.

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Cedar roofing is an all-natural product that adds a highly valued aesthetic to your home. These roofs have been proven to last over 40 years with proper care, which is significantly longer than the average asphalt roof.

Cedar roofing is also energy efficient – helping you save money on electrical bills with its natural ability to insulate your home. Cedar is also a durable building material – able to withstand higher wind speeds than asphalt shingles, and demonstrably stronger against hail and other impact damage.

Lake Bluff Cedar Installation
Lake Bluff Cedar Installation

We serve the entire Chicagoland area with 5 star high-quality cedar roofing services!

Why choose A.B. Edward?

Our Values

Each member of our team has experience in the roofing industry, and trained to deliver the highest standard of quality with regards to cedar roofing. Our commitment to quality as a company ensures you are treated like family. We understand the stress of repairing a damaged roof, as well as the planning and effort that goes into scheduling an entire roof replacement. This makes A.B. Edward stand out amongst our competitors when it comes to customer service.

Lake Bluff Cedar Roof Maintenance
Lake Bluff Cedar Roof Maintenance

Customer Satisfaction

We are a licensed, insured, and customer preferred company. 70% of our business comes directly from customer referrals! We only use products we would consider using on our own homes, meaning you get only the best selection in cedar shake and shingles: Waldun and our own private label North Shore Prime. We are happy to discuss services that range from a complete roof installation, to roof repair, to basic cedar roofing maintenance to help prolong the life of investment.

If you have questions for us regarding cedar roofing projects please feel free to contact us! We are happy to offer free estimates for installation projects!