When Do You Get A Roof Replacement?

Cedar roof replacement

When should you consider roof replacement?

A cedar roof replacement is expensive, not to mention a hassle, which is why many people are hesitant to get their roofs replaced entirely and prefer to just keep getting repairs done or even just allowing problems to get worse! However, considering that your home is probably one of the biggest investments of your life and the roof is vital to protect your home and you – it’s a good idea to get a roof replacement done on time rather than have a disaster of leaks or even worse later. But what are the warning signs that you need a roof replacement?

Signs of water damage

Once the roof of your house has worn away enough that water can start seeping under the shingles it’s definitely time to get your roof replaced. Look for wet patches or mold in the attic ceiling or signs of leakage from the roof and if you find any it’s a good idea to consider roof replacement. Once water damage has started any patched over repairs will only be temporary measures and may actually be trapping in moisture and causing more damage.

The sun shines into your attic

If you can see patches of sunlight through the roof itself then it’s definitely time to get the roof replaced rather than just repaired because it means the roof has seriously worn away and can be dangerous to leave in its current state. Seeing through your roof can also indicate damage to your roofing structure so be sure to contact a professional to handle this potentially dangerous situation.

A recent natural disaster

If your area was recently hit by a natural disaster such as a hurricane or a really violent storm it may have caused enough damage to merit a total roof replacement. Even a very harsh winter can be a reason to get your roof replaced if it is getting old and no longer doing its job. However, not every large storm or disaster will destroy your roof – many times you will simply need a cedar roof repair to be done instead.
Old shake and shingles need to be inspected to make sure they don't get too damaged
Old shake and shingles need to be inspected to make sure they don’t get too damaged

Age of your roof

This depends on the materials of your roof, and if they have been maintained. High quality cedar wood and proper cedar roofing maintenance can have your home covered for up to 50 years. If your roof is over 20 years or you are not sure of the age of your roof it is highly recommended you schedule a cedar roofing inspection so that you can get an idea of what work and possible repairs will need to be done, potentially if your roof is too old and a replacement needs to be done.

Curling or cracked shingles

If the shingles on your roof are curling from the edges or the center or if your shingles are cracking it might be a sign to get your roof replaced. It could last another 1-5 years or it may be severely damaged in the next storm. Though curling is a normal sign of aging as well!
A new roof by A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. is guaranteed to last for years and look great!
A new roof by A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. is guaranteed to last for years and look great!
Knowing when to get a cedar roof replacement can be tricky. It’s best to contact local experts like A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. to get a proper inspection and plan how you will proceed with maintenance and repairs. In addition to specializing in cedar roofs, A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. offers complete roofing services for asphalt, slate, synthetic, metal and more!

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