Why You Need A Cedar Roofing Contractor

Calling a cedar roofing contractor is not always cheap, but it is necessary if you need cedar roof repairs. Here’s why you shouldn’t DIY!

Always Call A Professional

Some people try to carry out their own home repairs. It is easy to consider instructions and videos online and try to deal with a repair on your own. When it concerns roof repair and replacement, however, hiring a roofing professional is worth the cost. Particularly if you are getting a cedar roof installation which is difficult and requires training!

A professional roofer knows about the materials and tools needed to get the job done correctly. Cedar is a very tricky material to work with if you do not have experience. A professional roofing contractor is also licensed and insured. New roofs installed by a professional roofing contractor come with warranties, unlike if you try to do it yourself!


Play It Safe

Climbing up on a roof is dangerous!  Falls from roofs are a common and can land you in the hospital. A professional roofer is trained in the proper way to move materials to the rooftop and has safety equipment and experience needed to finish the job safely. This goes for cedar roofing maintenance too – do NOT go onto your roof or you can damage yourself and the roof!

Professional roofing crews take two or more days to finish a home. A DIYer will need to look up instructions and refer to reference materials during the project making it slower,  while a professional cedar roofing contractor already knows how to get the task completed.

If there is a possibility you will be selling your home in coming years, hiring a qualified professional roofer adds value to your home. In addition to design and curb appeal, a home inspector will recognize a professionally installed roof.

Before you climb onto your roof, consider all the benefits of hiring a professional cedar roofing contractor to get the job done.

A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. is a cedar roofing contractor in Chicago with a great reputation
A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. is a cedar roofing contractor in Chicago with a great reputation

A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc.

For over 15 years A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. has been serving the Chicagoland area with superior quality roofing services. We specialize in a variety of roofing materials and have an A+ rating from the BBB as well as a history of excellent customer reviews. If you are considering a new roof, or need help repairing or maintaining your current one, contact us for an appointment!